I’m reviving the blog to let you all know about the easiest, best chocolate cake around. It contains both coffee and yogurt, so it is technically a breakfast cake. You might even have everything you need to make it right now. Meanwhile, I’m on the other side of grad school now and have (slightly) more […]

Oh, hey y’all, happy summer! Looking for some good summer reading? Need ideas of what to do with a million garden tomatoes or a giant bush of basil or the season’s first bright peaches? Here are some of my favorite food websites for your summer reading and inspiration: Smitten Kitchen HOLY GRAIL OF FOOD BLOGS. […]

Here comes the weekend! Can you see it over the horizon? Here’s a sure-fire way to feel like you’re living the good life this weekend. All it takes are some basic pantry ingredients, fresh fruit, and yogurt. Or whipped cream. Or ice cream. Maybe a little drizzle of honey or hot fudge? Whatever they are, […]

Let’s take a break from butter & sugar, just this once, to talk about this soup. It’s the best. It’s super easy. You might even have everything you need already in your fridge and pantry, which means you can go from being cold and hungry to eating homemade soup in half an hour. This recipe […]

OMG. Y’all need to try this eggnog. That is all. Perfect Egg Nog transcribed from a napkin Dan wrote on, circa 2010(?) 2 eggs 3 oz sugar (~3/8 cup) 1/4 – 1/2 tsp. nutmeg 2 oz. brandy 2 oz. spiced rum 6 oz. whole milk 4 oz. heavy cream 1. mix eggs on low in […]

Good morning! My workplace has a fully functioning kitchen with a brand new oven. Although my job duties do not include mixing butter and sugar, filling the halls with nutmeg aromas, or providing mid-morning snack, I can’t resist baking muffins on a quiet Friday morning in the office. If you are lucky enough to have […]

Recipes here.

martha stewart living Imagine a crunchy cookie crust, a hidden layer of chocolate ganache, and a rich milk chocolate pumpkin custard filling, all topped with a drizzle of melted chocolate. Sounds impressive, right? This pie is none of those things and potentially all of those things. Here is the template recipe for the classic pumpkin […]

“You’re hungry? Eat an apple. You don’t want an apple? You must not be hungry.” – Joy the Baker’s mother

We have to give this sauce another name. Seriously, I refuse to call it “yumm” sauce, or even “homemade yumm” sauce… for copyright reasons, yes, but also because “yumm” is not a real word.We had a few other names for it back when I was slinging “yumm” during college*… but those are probably not appropriate […]